PARTICIPATE in a global pandemic photographic project by Spencer Tunick

over video conferencing.

“Stay Apart Together” is intended to be a creative outlet for participants quarantined at home, an artistic exploration of the possibilities of human connection in the virtual world but most importantly an invitation to stay strong, safe and united.

The artist will create photographs of the video chat by using screen grabs in the same manner that the shutter of a camera would be used.

To view the series please check out these links:

You can see more recent works on Spencer’s instagram:


Please do not register anywhere else besides this gmail email address here.

When registering please follow these instructions. 

1. Include in the Subject of the email: Stay Apart Together, Your City and Your Country where you are now living. Example: Stay Apart Together, Paris, France

2. Include one photograph of yourself. (It does not have to be nude), but we need a photo. 

3. Your occupation. Example, artist, nurse, student, etc.

4. Include a short statement why you want to participate in this photograph and what it means to you in this time of isolation and social distancing. We will use this statement if you are chosen or not. We won't use your name if you are not chosen. The statement may be edited. 

You will only be nude for a short period of time.

These artworks will require full nudity. 

No jewelry. (tattoos and piercings are fine.) 

Try your best to do this in a well lit room and one that has a window, the larger the better. The photograph will take approximately 30 minutes to make. For one of the set-ups you will need a homemade mask or scarf. Please only use a laptop for this project, no phones or tablets. We need the ability for the laptop to be moved around and the screen to be moved up and down frequently.

In exchange for posing we will email you a file of the work that you are in and you can print it yourself. 

We are asking only people who have the patience to go through a series of poses and set-ups to sign up. Only one person per household. The live nude artworks will be documented by screen grabs/photographs and video. 


Chosen participants will be contacted by email shortly with further instructions. Please only sign up if you are committed to participating 

Thank you for your interest in posing for Spencer, he could not make his work without you. We are so appreciative that you want to be part of his art. 

This project is organized by Alo Gorozpe of Studio 333

We apologize if by chance you are not included in the project because of space limitations. If you don't hear back from use and are not chosen for this particular idea, please do not let it deter you from posing in future works by Spencer where there are no number limits.